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    Default Atrium suite and smoking

    Ready to book an atrium suite but I was wondering what people's experience is with smokers in these rooms? I'm highly allergic to smoke and when we were at CSA before I had a difficult time sitting at the beach, bars, beach grill, and couldn't go near the martini bar, and we had to constantly move. I can't remember if these rooms are just screened in on the side or if they have glass as well? We lucked out last time in our garden view room because nobody smoked, and I'm just wondering if those rooms would be a better choice. It's a long way to travel to a hospital lol!

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    Ours was open air except for glass facing the center atrium.

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    One one side there is no glass, just the wood louvres....and chances are you will run into smokers at some point. Although I believe the Palms is now smoke-free, but not sure about the Martini Bar.

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    I do have a follow-up question that's been on my mind for awhile. With the Atrium suites, I know they are open-air, but once the louvered slats are closed, does the room keep is coolness from the AC pretty well?

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    We stayed in an Atrium Suite in December and loved it. We did not notice any smoke during our stay and it does stay cool in the room with the louvres closed.

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