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    Default Couples VIP lounge

    I've read info about a VIP lounge at the airport. Is this include in the package price or is there an additional fee?

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    Included. Beer, restrooms, and friendly people. No tipping inside, but you should be prepared to tip the porters - they will assemble your luggage, watch it during the 30 minutes or so you are there, and take it to your bus. I think I tipped the actual porters $5USD and gave $2USD to the head porter running the show. We sat in the front of the bus and asked the driver questions about what we were seeing, the goats, Jamaica in general, etc., and really enjoyed the drive. I think he suggested that he accepted tips and I think we gave him $10 (I think that was more than he was expecting).

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    The VIP room is included. They tag your bags and you wait there for your bus to go to the resort. They provide water, soda, and Red Stripe while you wait. Usually not more than 20 minutes or so. We usually change into shorts and flip flops in the restroom there for the bus trip. Keep these things in your carry on. Have $1 per bag for the handlers that take your bags to the bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadandtoni View Post
    I've read info about a VIP lounge at the airport. Is this include in the package price or is there an additional fee?
    There is a MObay VIP lounge which costs extra. Or the Couples Lounge which is included in the price.


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    Hi, Not sure which VIP lounge you are referring to???? The Couples Lounge at the airport is free to all arriving guests of Couples. At the Lounge you will check in to let the staff know what resort you are going to, and you are then welcomed to Jamaica with cold Red Stripe, water, and I believe soft drinks are available. They also have a restrooms too. You will wait in the Lounge until your shuttle to your resort arrives.

    However, if you are referring to the Club Mobay Lounge, it's not included and it's available for departing passengers for a fee of $30 per person if you buy in advance at the resort or online and $35 per person if you purchase at the airport the day of your flight back home.

    Hope this helps!

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    Mobay VIP is not the same as the couples lounge. There is a chrge for the Mobay VIP lounge.

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    If you're asking about the Couples Lounge (I've never heard of it referred to as a VIP lounge) at which all arriving guests check in and arrange for transportation to the resort, then yes, it is included in the price of your reservation.

    If you're asking about the Club MoBay Departure Lounge, which affords a comfortable place to hang out while waiting for your departing flights and includes snacks and beverages, then no, it is not included in the price of your reservation. I've read that you can, however, purchase tickets for the Club MoBay at your resort.
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