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    Default Travel Agent or Couples??

    Have only been to Couples once and we used an online company and loved how they took care of everything for us!! But I was just wondering if there are any special perks for booking straight through Couples? What does everyone prefer? We will be doing a split stay so will that make any difference? Many questions I know but if anyone could help me out a bit that would be great!!

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    In 11 trips, we've used TAs and booked with Couples. We've never done an online booking because Couples will price match those (which we did in 2010, 2011, 2012). There aren't any special perks to booking direct, except if there is a problem (like the year we got bumped to a different resort because of CTI construction), those who booked direct get their reservations taken care of before the others. This year we are using a TA because she was able to get us a price that was several hundred dollars less than any other quote.

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    We booked online through an online company and were absolutely shocked that the price was $900 cheaper than any other quote we had received at the time. I kept having to double check to make sure I was comparing apples to apples because I just couldn't believe it was so much less, but it was!!! We got better flights and upgraded our room and were still way less than any other price we were quoted!!!

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    We always book through Couples directly. We actually will contact the reservations department by phone to go over costs and locations of rooms and airfare after looking at their online booking. They are very responsive to questions and requests. Couples offers the best travel insurance if that is a factor, guarantee the lowest price by matching any offers that follow your booking, and will help discount your airfare if you handle it at the time you book. We think they are the best customer oriented staff in the industry.

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    You get the same great perks if you book with a TA or thru Couples. I suggest using a travel agent as it shouldn't cost you any more. Travel agents are paid commission from the resort. If they charge a fee find a new agent.

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    Thanks everyone!!

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    Hi kcsiemens, do you mind me asking what the name of the online company was? My fiancé and I are trying to book our honeymoon and that sounds like a great deal.

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    We book exclusively with a tour company. The deposit is $100 less than Couples. The price is exactly the same. Their insurance plan is better and less expensive.
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    Hi Lizndev, when I originally posted I said which online service it was, however for some reason when it reached the post it was changed to an "online company". I imagine it had to do with copyright issues. Anyway your welcome to email us if you like and we're happy to share. We leave today for CTI... So excited!!!!!

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    Every agent is different. Price it both ways and see who is cheaper. We have always saved about $400 using an agent.

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    I always book with a travel agent but decided to do it on my own this year. I booked directly with Couples - using the love away plan and booked my own airfare. Prices were the same as through Liberty. Actually just saw today that the airfare from Jet Blue went down, but I called and they issued me a credit for the difference.

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