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    Default Couples Lounge - CSA Room request etc.

    HI EVERYONE. This will hopefully be my last set of questions before we fly away in 2 weeks!! I can't express how helpful this message board has been for me over the last few months!!

    Okay. We are getting married in 2 weeks and heading to CSA on October 5th. I have one or 2 more questions...

    Because we are going to be on our honeymoon would there be any benfits to bringing our marriage certificate? I wasn't sure if we could possibly get upgraded etc.

    HOw do we request a specific room - floor, corner etc.? Can we do this ahead of time? We are booked in an Ocean Verandah.

    Do we just show up in the Couples Lounge at the airport and wait for someone to get us? Will someone be waiting? Do we have to notify the resort that we are coming?

    Thanks for any help

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    We honeymooned at CN in 2006 and because we brought proof of our marriage within the last 30 days, we got a free couples massage.

    The only way to request a specific room, floor or building is after you arrive at the resort. Rooms are not assigned until you check in.

    Make sure that CSA knows when you will be arriving and your flight number. Then, they will be waiting for you at the Couples Lounge at the airport...even at 2:00 AM. A van will be waiting to take you to paradise!
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    Congrats on getting married and your upcoming honeymoon at CSA.
    - Because we are going to be on our honeymoon would there be any benfits to bringing our marriage certificate? I wasn't sure if we could possibly get upgraded etc.
    We were married at CSS so I can't answer your question about bringing your marriage certificate. My hunch would be that it's not necessary as they treat you like royalty anyhow!
    - How do we request a specific room - floor, corner etc.? Can we do this ahead of time? We are booked in an Ocean Verandah.
    To do a room/location request click "contact us" on the nav-bar, select "Customer Relations" or "General Inquiry" and complete the online form with your resquest. They cannot guarantee they'll be able to honor that request, but I'm sure they'll try (they did with us).
    - Do we just show up in the Couples Lounge at the airport and wait for someone to get us? Will someone be waiting? Do we have to notify the resort that we are coming?
    When you get to the airport you will be directed to the Couples Lounge. Be prepared to tip the guy that will "watch" and tag your luggage while you go inside and check in. Then kick back and relax until they tell you it's time to go. Be prepared to tip the guy that takes your bags to the bus. Then enjoy the ride!
    Be sure to sign up for romance rewards before you go or upon arrival so you can get the benefits of future visits to a Couples Resort. Big thing...relax and enjoy being together in paradise.

    Have a great honeymoon!

    Bart & Bug

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    Bring your marriage certificate to prove that you are honeymooners, that way you get the perks that come along with it.

    You CAN request a certain floor, room and all that, but there are no guarantees

    Just show up at the Couples Lounge and they will take care of the rest.

    Hope your trip is wonderful!!!

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    If your honeymoon is within 30 days of your wedding you need some proof of the wedding at check in to get the perk. (invitation, program, marriage certificate, etc) Your reservation must have comment “honeymoon”

    The honeymoon perk is a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and His / Her half hour massages.

    You can ask for a specific room or floor when you get to the resort, but do not keep you hopes up. If a room is open they will give it to you, but they will not move anyone. You could email the resort with your reservation number using the contact us on the left side. I do not know is this will help, but it may.

    You can ask for a upgrade, but do not expect it, if you want a better room have your reservation revised.

    After you get done with customs walk done the hallway into the resort hall. Couples lounge is on the far left end. At the Couples Lounge a Lady will ask you your name and check to make sure you have a reservation and set you up with a pop or a Red Stripe beer. That is all you have to do. They have 3 or 4 people working at the lounge. They will call your resort name and load you up on the Negril bus and you will be on your way. 1 to 30 minutes wait time.

    Make sure you sign up for Romance Reward for you can check out Couples Negril for a day. Print out the RR number and take it with you. This also allows you to start building points

    Enjoy Honeymoon!!!
    Irie Mon

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    Definitely bring your marriage certificate because I think you get a couples massage or something. Also, tell them you are honeymooners and see if they will upgrade you.

    If you used a travel agent, you should have them put in your room request otherwise, get the email for CSA and send an email with your request. I would recommend asking for a third floor corner room for both the view and privacy. We stayed in 3316 and had a great view and it was third floor corner. You can try request a certain room number, but just know that nothing is guaranteed.

    Once you get off the plane you will go thru immigration (fill out your forms on the plane) and then go get your luggage and go thru customs. Just follow the crowd. Once you are thru that walk straight and look to your left and you should see the Couples Lounge. Go there and check in with them and they will take care of you from that point. Have a red stripe, go to the bathroom and they will let you know when the bus is leaving. That will be anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

    Have fun! We love CSA and you will too.

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    When we went on our honeymoon we got free massages. We did not have our marraige certificate. Unsure if it is required now.

    You cannot make any requests ahead of time. Requests are done at check-in. And it is what it is...a request so no guarantees. When you are giving your info at check-in just ask whoever is checking you in what your request is. One year we got our request and the next year we did not. Depends on availability, etc.

    When you have gone through customs and immigrations, you will be on your way to exit the airport and in the area on the way out there are little lounges for all the different resorts in Jamaica. Find the Couples Lounge, someone will ask you what resort, and take your bags. Sit and enjoy a beverage until they call you to your bus. You might want to grab a few extra Red Stripes for the road or bottle of water. It takes about an hour and a half depending on traffic. Could be more, could be less.

    If you booked through couples, then they will already know you are coming. If you booked through some one else, it would probably be safe to email them sometime within the next few days letting them know when your flight arrives and what resort you are going to.

    Hope this helps.


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    It's all pretty laid-back, it's Jamaica! I'm guessing that CSA is aware you will be on your honeymoon, if you mentioned that at the time of booking. Otherwise, how would they know? Go ahead and re-mention it, and feel free to specify a preferred location for your room. Keep in mind that reserving a specific room is not the way they do things at Couples. There is no reason for the staff to not give you the very best room in your category at the time you check-in. All guests will be treated like they are on a "special romantic holiday," but certainly it can't escape the staff that you are on your honeymoon.

    Call and talk to someone in customer relations. It can't hurt and if you feel better, great. As far as the lounge goes, it is a very simple procedure. You show up. Someone will take care of your bags. You have a Red Stripe. You will be notified, probably very quickly, when your bus is to leave, and soon you will be in paradise. Of the very few times you tip on a Couples escape, remember to tip the bag guys and be generous to the bus driver. Driving in Jamaica is a stressful job... for your part, try to think of it as an extension of the experience! Congratulations on your marriage. Have a great time and pace yourself with the moonshine.

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    this is what you see....friendly people rushing to greet you to the beautiful world of Couples
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    have a look at this link on the Couples site re: your honeymoon at Couples.

    while you can request a certain room, it is not guaranteed as guests arrive and depart daily.

    once you clear customs and immigration you walk to the room where all the resorts have thier lounges, Couples is at the end, simply give them your name and they will tag your bags with the resort you are going to.

    grab a red stripe, use the facilities bofore boarding the bus to your resort, and away you go. a short wait it has been about 15 minutes or so for us on most trips.

    congrats on your wedding. you will love Couples.


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    Here are your answers:

    1. The marriage certificate (or anything else that shows you just got married like an invite, etc.) entitles you to a couples massage, a bottle of sparking wine and T-shirts. I think the upgrades are pretty much reserved for repeaters now.

    2. I would BOTH email the resort directly, and ask upon check-in. The LESS specific you are, the better: i.e. "2nd floor corner room with a view" is better than "room 3254." Just remember that while they will do their absolute best to accommodate you, room requests are NOT guaranteed.

    3. Depending on how you booked, your travel agent should send the resort your flight details, however, it always makes sense to call/email Couples and verify your reservation with them, as well as give them your flight info. If you booked directly through Couples, they will have your info directly.

    Enjoy CSA. It's our favorite place in the world.


    40D to CTI
    229D to CSA

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