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Thread: SSB Wish List

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    A portable volleyball net that can be set up on the sand. Down by the water would be best!

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    Just back from our 3rd trip to CSS. I luv SSB but I find I get a little bored just laying there. Yes, I know we are there to relax but I would luv to have a few activities. The entertainment people are good but I don't understand the lack of enthusiasm. I've you've been to Jamaica more than once trivia gets very old. While laying out I looked up to see the bocce ball game heading my direction, if there was a ball wildly thrown it would have hit me. Fisher Prize? Really?

    Prior to this trip I'd read about body painting on SSB, don't know where that was while we were there. The were a lot of activities on the main beach that looked interesting, hat making, she'll painting, dance lessons, etc. but I did want to put on clothes to go do 'em! Why can't we have those types of activities on SSB?

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    I agree with the sports equipment comments. A couple of shared kayaks and some good bocce ball sets would be a welcome addition. Hopefully they will be there in a few weeks. 47 days to go!

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    One thing we would like to see at SSB is for the water to be dredged to get rid of all the rocks. It would be nice to go out without water socks on. And, even then, I fell onto my knees due to the waves and landed on a rock. This would also help with the sea urchins that are easy to step on. Those are painful and costly to have removed.

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    Activities during the day my wife and I could care less about. We are there for the most important thing and that is to relax. We have busy lives and we save up to make the trip. Nothing else matters to us then a cold drink in our hands while we are absorbing sunshine. We also enjoy catching up with other freinds and relatives that we have meet while at CSS SSB.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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