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    Default CSS about to do some major renovations per TA Review

    A recent review (Jan 25) on Trip Advisor: "They are about to do some major renovations..."

    RandyMon, is it true?

    Has anyone else heard this? Wondering when the renovations are planned... and what that means for our trip this May?

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    Hi - I could not find the review you've referenced. We have no immediate plans for any expansion or renovations.

    Couples Resorts

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    The review was done by rabbitrun68. Posted on 1/25. I also started a thread on this as I was curious if it was going to happen when we are there in March. :-)

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    This is what I found on TA, not sure where this person got the information but it would be great if it were true, the rooms could use a freshening up. With $3 million being spent in Barbados maybe there would be a little left over for CSS !

    "We've been here 3 times. Its like going home. The staff is marvelous and the food is excellent. Downside is a lot of stairs but the up side is the bell desk will bring a van to take you up and down if you wish. Wonderful landscaping and it IS not like one hotel after another all sharing the same beach. its isolation makes you feel much more like being on your own island, not in the middle of tall hotels. They are about to do some major renovations, which I am not sure is good or bad as I like it as it is. There is plenty of wildlife, sports if you wish, 2 beaches and more bars than anyone needs. It is truly all inclusive, alcohol and all. I'd go back tomorrow and I just returned after 10 days. "

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    This is the link to the posted who stated about CSS about to undergo renovations.

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    Thanks for confirming RandyMon. The review was recent (Jan 25th) with a simple title "Couples San Souci" from rabbitrun68 from Middleton DE.

    That review got me excited... always good to see rennovations and money going into a resort to keep it up to par... especially in light of some of the reviews that say it's worn and outdated.

    We'll see you in May.

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