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    I have a question regarding the tropical wedding package at CN. If a couple wants to get married and stays more than 6 nights, can the $500 dollars that would be used for the "one love" package be put towards the "tropical" wedding package which would only cost us $250 dollars? Or would we have to pay the total price of $750 for the tropical package?

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    We're getting married September 5th 2015 at CN and our travel agent, who deals with CN frequently, said that we automatically get the "One Love" complimentary package. If we want to upgrade to the "Tropical Package" (which is a bit more accommodating for our 10 guests and includes a couples massage), we only have to pay $250 to upgrade. You are essentially paying for the One Love package when you stay more than 6 nights anyway.

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    I'm pretty sure you have to pay the $750 if you want the tropical package. That's what we paid when we renewed our vows.

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    I'm pretty sure you have to pay the $750.

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    We were going to do that, but stuck with the One Love package; with no complaints. We were married at CSA in 2013 and will return this year for our first return since our WeddingMoon.
    Congratulations and wishing you two the best!


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