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    Default tips for a first-timers at CSA

    For those of you who have been to CSA, do you have any tips for those of us going for the first time?

    My wife and I are going in May. I really like being out in the ocean, and she really likes to take it easy.

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    If you like the Sea, and she likes to take it easy, you struck Gold! Maybe take the offered resort tour your first day just to get an idea of the lay of the land. After that, it'll be all good!

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    Someone asked the same question on Trip Advisor not too long ago. Here's the link to that thread.

    What don't I want to miss while at CSA in 6 days? - Negril Forum - TripAdvisor
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Make sure you try the fish tacos at Sea Grapes.

    If you like to be on the ocean but she likes to take it easy, take out a kayak. You paddle, she enjoys the ride!

    Stuffed French Toast!

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    Do both!

    It's really easy to be lazy in the ocean - just take out your floatie and your beverage of choice, and do nothing!

    You can also do the glass bottom boat ride - this is in the AM, and is a great way to see the fish and coral as well as take a look at your neighboring resorts.

    Snorkeling can be active or inactive. I believe that everyone must now use a life vest, but she can just float on top of the water and look at the fish (no swimming needed, really) and you can swim around and really check them out.

    You can also chauffer her around in a Hobie Cat - you sail (they'll provide lessons) and she just has to worry about ducking the sail every once in a while.

    Take the Cat Cruise. Once they drop anchor, you can slide down the slide and swim in the caves, and she can enjoy the view from on board the cat!

    See? There are plenty of things to do!!

    Go and enjoy!!!!

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    Definitely take the resort tour. It's offered twice a day--at 10 am and 2 or 3 pm (not certain about the exact time of the afternoon tour). CSA is really spread out, so take the tour to ensure that you don't miss anything.
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    First have a pen to fill out your customs form on the plane. Next have $1 per bag at the airport to tip the baggage handlers who take your bags to the bus. Then have a tip for your driver when you arrive at Couples. These people are not Couples employees and are tipped.
    So many things that we love about CSA but the first things I would tell you is to book your dinner reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass as soon as possible. Then book your sunset catamaran cruise (the boat operators do take tips) as once you go you may want to do it twice during your stay. Take the resort tour as you will learn so much about the resort in a short time and meet some nice people on the tour with you. Go to the water sports shed and book your snorkeling trip and try to get them to take you to the "Mexico" site. Morning trips are better as the water is calmer and there is less chance of cancellations. If you arrived in the morning go over to the Sea Grapes Cafe outside the Palms and have a fish taco and chip & dip while you wait for your room. Oh...make sure to pack a bathing suit in your carry on or on top of your regular suitcase with some sunscreen so you can change into it on arrival and start enjoying the beach right away! CSA is our favorite resort and when you take your chaise lounge float pad out into the warm calm Caribbean water and float there for a while it is heaven!
    Each morning we get coffee and fruit delivered to our room and then walk either north or south on the Seven Mile Beach. Highly recommend this. To the north are mainly other larger resorts and to the south are smaller resorts, shops, restaurants, and locals selling things set out on tables. Take a few dollars with you and negotiate the price on everything!

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    Spend a lot of time floating in the ocean. It's very peaceful and relaxing. Spend some time at the swim up bar or beach bar and get to know the staff there. They will make you have fun and remember you eac day. Play volleyball, go snorkeling, and take the catamaran as much as you can. Take naps on your porch during the day. Watch the sunsets. Walk around the spa. Try every restaurant. We skipped sea grapes our first time and now we love it. Every afternoon we get a snack there. Grab a few beef patties and eat on the beach while you watch the sun go down. Enjoy the hot tubs at night.

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