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    Default Best Drinks ?? We are new to couples

    We are going to CTI in late March. We have never been to a Couples. Looking for advice and best drinks. Sure we will need some to go to island, since we have never been to a AN area before. I think we may try it, but may need some liquid courage! Have never been to Jamaica and can't wait to get there. Any advice will be helpful, Thanks.

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    Try a Yellow Bird and a Jamaican Delight. I like the Purple Rain too. Of course, you need to try a Bob Marley. If you like beer, try a Shandy; it's a mix of Red Stripe and Ting. Finally, Crown Royal on the rocks is popular.

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    ​Rum cream on ice!

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    I'm an Appleton-and-Diet gal myself. Any drink you get there will be delicious.

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    Dirty Banana, Mudslide, Hummingbird are some of our favorites as far as the mixed drinks go, but a simple rum and coke (or Pepsi) or a cold Red Stripe is my favorite, favorite. We also enjoy their wines with dinner.

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    Nothing beats a blue mountain coffee with Sangster's Rum Cream after dinner. . .or whenever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamaican_junkie View Post
    ​Rum cream on ice!
    We are with dave on the rum cream!!!! We start with it at breakfast. For someting sweet during the day get a pina colada and have it poured short with at least an ounce or two of straight dark rum on top. The rum filters down and makes a great drink and a good buzz!!

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