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    Default CN-Garden v Ocean, Deluxe v. Suite

    Hi All,

    Hoping you can shed some light on the next "big" question.

    Looking for a patio/balcony at CN which will be serene via not alot of foot traffic for what I'm guessing will be infrequent bouts during rain, before dinner, or what not. My first thgt says the garden view vs. an ocean view.

    Also, is the suite worth the extra $800 over the course of 7 nights that essentially would pay for RT Airfare? I foresee us keeping the watersports and restaurants busy, but would a suite be persuasive enough to keep us closer to the room?

    Thanks Much : )

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    We just stayed in the 5000 section at CN not a ton of foot traffic in that area since it is on the one far side of the resort. It is on the watersports side. The other side of the resort is the nude beach side and there is work going on at one of the buildings. We upgraded from the standard to an ocean view or something and it was not much of a differance then they other couples that went with us that had regular rooms.

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    We have had Garden Rooms and Garden Suites and what you will probably hear most repeat guests say is "If price is an issue go for the Garden Room and stay longer."

    The only time you will be in your room is when you sleep or other horizontal activities. The staff will keep things active and you will always find something to do.

    There are no bad rooms anywhere on the resort to be found and from the farthest corners you are only a short walk away from the center of activities.

    The value of spending the
    extra $$$ is one that only YOU can determine.

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    We have stayed in just about every type of room at CN and now we only book garderview so we can keep going back every year. My husband and I have a hard time pulling each other away from the beach and pool to ever get back to our room to quickly get dressed to go out again for dinner. You won't want to be in your room much. The resort is awesome!

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    I agree with Rdyjmjm about the room. We always stay in the garden view rooms, I would rather stay a few days extra. As for the foot traffic you really won't see much, we have been at CN even when it is at full capacity and it is still quiet and romantic. We love sitting on the balcony during an afternoon rain storm and just listen to the sounds of the rain drops.

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    I agree with are only in the room to sleep and enjoy each other (vertical is fun also ;p) save the money on the room and stay longer or do some of the off site trips to see the beauty of the island and the people!!

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    Thanks for all the info. We will select a garden and stay 7 nights! I know that most posts say they book directly through the resort. Anyone know if CN will accomodate a bldg or floor request if I book thru Orbitz or Expedia?

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    Default foot trafic

    I prefer buildings 7,8,or 9 if you want to avoid foot trafic. The way these rooms are set up the foot paths are on the "door" side of the room while the balcony side overlooks the ponds and the gazebo and some beach views. I stayed once in building 1. the foot path to the spa was directly below our balcony, not much beach view either. Not sure about buildings 2-5.

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    You can inquire but usually your request is made when you check in and IF it is available the staff will try to honor your request.

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