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    Default SSB Towel Supply?

    Our first trip to a Couples resort, but have been to many AI over the past few years.

    One of things that has always annoyed us is the towel supply at the beach. No towels early in the morning, or they run out of clean towels in the afternoon. The last resort we stayed at, the "truck" did not show up and we were without clean beach towels for the entire day. Good thing we packed ours.

    How is the towel service at Couples?
    Please tell me they don't use towel cards!


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    At SSB the towels show up around 8:30 every day. The towels sometimes run out about 3:00 pm. Note, you will have 2 beach towels in your room you can use. There are no tickets each day, but you will need to turn in two towels your last day and get a ticket for your departure checkout, or you will be charged for the towels.

    Most people take two towels, one to lay on and one to sit on when they visit the bar, or eat lunch at the tables.

    Bottom line, the towel situation is easy and seldom a problem.

    P.S. Bring some clips to secure the top of your towel to the chaise, so the towel does not continually slip down; I brought clamps from my tool box, but they make clips specifically for beach towels.

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    No problem with the towels, Mon. We have never had a problem on the AN or the regular beach. This is our 5th trip to Couples. The water sports building has more than enough beach towels and the AN beach has their own supply. If there is a low supply, just let the bartender know at teh AN beach and they will take care of getting in restocked.

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    Vic, When you check into your room, there should be 2 beach towels. You can take them with you to the beach on your first day. We take our 2 towels with us, and there is always a constant supply of towels at SSB if you need to exchange or get more. Be aware however, that the pool/beach at SSB doesn't open until 9 or 10am, so there may not be extra towels available before that time, that's why it's important to bring the beach towels from your room. Later in the day, if they run out, Rohan one of the most awesome Watersports team members ever, always goes to get more! No towel worries!

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    I have done enough research on Couples Resorts I was pretty sure towels would not be an issue. But just knowing what to expect is really nice.
    Thank you for the information, we can't wait for our trip to begin.


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