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    My boyfriend and I are headed to Couples Negril in less than 3 weeks! We loves it last time we went but we are looking for some new things to do. What are some unique, different things that you've done while at this resort? I realize that there is so much to do with excursions, food and resort activities but maybe there have been some "different" experiences or things that people have done that are outside the advertised activities? Special places on the property that are extra?

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    We just returned. Three things that we did that were great fun.
    1) Parasailing
    2)Deep Sea Fishing
    3)Shuttle to Ricks

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    Do the One Love Bus Crawl!

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    I agree with doing the One Love Bus Bar Crawl. It's a great time and a great way to see the cliff side of Negril. You could also look into taking an excursion to Floyd's Pelican Bar. It's truly a one of a kind experience.

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    1 - Take a nice long walk along Bloody Bay. Stop at the Office of Nature (the real one, which is the second one, smaller and more rustic)
    2 - Spend time at the Swim-Up bar!


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    Walk down the beach to enjoy lobster at the Office of Nature.

    Donate books/school supplies to the Negril Library (very close to the first stop on the One Love Bus Tour).


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    Here is one secret of CN that will keep you away.

    Around the second week in January every year the resort next door has a live band that blasts extremely loud "music" (all you hear is the bass and screaming) directly at CN. It usually starts at 11pm and goes until 2am on weekends. A little earlier on weeknights. If you are in building 6 (Deluxe Beachfronts), you will not sleep until after 2am on weekend nights.

    This happened to us in 2011 and 2013. We asked several staff members about it and they said it only happens once a year, about the second week in January.
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    Love the tips - giving this a bump in hopes of more!! First time to Jamaica in November! Woo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arago View Post
    We just returned. Three things that we did that were great fun.
    1) Parasailing
    2)Deep Sea Fishing
    3)Shuttle to Ricks
    How do we go about the parasailing??? I want to do this!!!

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    There are guys always walking the beach offering it.
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