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    Default Time to book next trip- advise needed

    Made final payment for April/May trip, CN on April 30th. So it's time to book next trip. I have decided I want to try CSA. I need advice on what type of room to book. At CN, we stayed in a beach front suite. This year is deluxe garden, because the deal was so good. At CSS, It has to be building G. So what do I book. I must have a TV. Can't live without the news. I don't want a ground floor room. A great view is important. I don't mind being close to a noisy place. I get up before the sun, and always go to bed late. I would like a tub, but not necessary or that important. I want a big balcony (like the ones at CSS or beach front suite at CN.)

    I don't want to wait until after we go in May to book because promo ends before then.

    Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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    If you want a tv, then a beachfront veranda, third floor would work best. We loved the first floor, just steps to the beach, have a great trip.

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    We will be at CSA in September for the first time. It sounds like the same things I was looking for as well. After much research, we booked the Beachfront Veranda Suites. This room has a TV. This category has 3 floors so you have a better chance of getting a 2nd or 3rd floor room if you ask at check-in. All the pictures I have seen of the view from this category are awesome. This room also has a tub/shower combo. From what I understand all the balconies are large at CSA.

    We checked out the Great House Jacuzzi Suites as well. They have TV's, located on the 2nd and 3rd floors, supposedly the best views at CSA in some peoples opinion, large balconies, and have the Jacuzzi tub. One of the major differences we found with this category is that the rooms are located inside a building which gives the feel of a hotel verses the Beachfront Veranda Suites that are located directly on the beach with outside entrances. The biggest issue is the location of this room. It is not directly on the beach and it is close to the pool, nightclub, and restaurants. Some people say it can be rather noisy. But you mentioned the noise would not bother you.

    If you are anything like us, this will be a hard decision for you. But I think from what I read you will LOVE any room they put you in there! Good Luck!

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    I like the verandah suites because they are newer. A little smaller maybe but they all have tv and AC. They are the same, just different distances from the ocean. Garden, ocean and beachfront. You can get an entire extra day in the garden than you can a beachfront for the same cost. It's just not worth it to me and I kinda like the privacy of the garden verandah because not as many people are walking by your room. I could actually see the ocean from our room and it was maybe 50 yards to the beach.

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