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    Default Laundry Service - CN & CSA


    My hubby and I will be visiting CSA for a week followed by a week at CN in late November, and I had a question regarding laundry.

    Is there anywhere on either resort where we can do laundry or have it done? Not dry cleaning, but just basic laundry?

    If there is, about how much should we expect to spend (per load? per piece?)

    I work out daily, and would not want to wear the same workout clothes two days without washing them in between. At the same time, I don't really want to take up the space in my suitcase for 14 days worth of workout clothes either!

    I did a quick search on the forum for "laundry" and didn't see anything posted, so I thought I'd ask.

    Thanks in advance!

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    ya mon

    every time i go to swept away i use their laundry service

    there is a wicker basket with an order form as well as the prices charged in the room, normally 1 day turn around and i have used them with very good success.

    enjoy your trip


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    They got my friends stuff back a little late at CN the other week but they did a good job on another job they did for free.

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    We're here now, so I just checked the prices for you - t-shirts are $2 and shorts are $4. Have fun!

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    The laundry service, IMHO is pricey. It's like $3 per piece and up. I bring a little woolite for my workout stuff, and wash it in the sink when we return from the gym, and then hang it to dry in the bathroom. It takes 2 days to dry (VERY humid) but it works and you don't have to pay the laundry fee.

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    What if I bring a bunch of stuff and I just want it ironed and not much would that cost per dress?

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    I liked where it said Bush Jacket on the ticket. I was wondering what people were going on safari for in Jamaica!

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    Hi Katie =

    We never have problems with wrinkles in Jamaica - the weather is so humid you just have to hang your clothes up and the wrinkles will disappear as if by magic (unless you've crumpled your clothes in a ball to pack them, in which case all bets are off).

    There's an iron in your room if you simply MUST have those perfect creases in place....

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    Packing tip: Roll your clothes, and they will hardly wrinkle at all. Have fun!!!

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