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    Default Hair on... hair off...Just Curious?

    Is hundred mile an hour tape (duct tape) really good for hair removal? Just curious what the consensus is regarding pubic hair. It seems that slick is the new norm. I think all lady's are apprehensive about the au natural beach. Should I shave completely, leave a landing strip or go full beard? Just curious...

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    Definitely up to you as no one will care. With that said typical seems to be something like women 60% no pubic hair at all, 35% very short strip, 5% full on. Also, for the guys I would say 30% no pubic hair, 40-50% short and shaved in some areas, and 10-20% full on. Personally for me and my guy we love it all gone and smooth. Its good for many reasons Also makes putting on sunscreen easier. Enjoy the sun. - Julie

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    Do whatever is comfortable for you. If you are not sure, wait till you get there and then decide.

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    From my experience, yes the majority are manicured to some point but it really doesn't matter. Do what you feel comfortable with. No one there cares or judges. The AN areas are the most laid back, relaxing places with some of the nicest people you could possibly meet. Go and enjoy.

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    This will probably be the same response as many, but:

    Go however YOU are comfortable!
    When we went to CTI, after the first little while, I quit noticing anything below about the shoulders, so I couldn't tell how anyone else was groomed "down there."

    As for duct tape to remove the hair, all I can say is OUCH. No, I've not tried it, and I wouldn't expect it to do a good job of removal, and no I wouldn't try it myself.


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    What ever trips your trigger is fine. I would say the biggest majority are smooth. If you are not comfortable with that, go with what you know, it will be fine.

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    Ouch !!!

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    Hey Runaked! Do whatever you are comfortable with! Lots of folks are "clean" but there are others who embrace their hair! Do what works for you! Now one is going to judge you!!! Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkandJen View Post
    Ouch !!!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    If you have never shaved completely before, this might be a great opportunity to do so for both of you. Swimming naked feels awesome, swimming naked completely shaven is even better.

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    Don't use duct tape!!! A professional Brazillian wax is really the bee's knees. I recommend it. Do what you are comfortable with, but if you do go smooth, make sure to exfoliate on your vacation to avoid ingrown hairs due to sweat, humidity and sunscreen. They are painful.

    I concur with previous posters though that nobody cares. My experience on the A/N island is that most people are groomed, but not everybody is completely bare. Go with what you like. I DON'T recommend doing it (going all bare) for the first time on your vacation. Start the waxing or shaving at least 6 months ahead of time if you have the luxury so that you can learn how your body will react. Itching and being sore at dinner or while sunbathing = NOT FUN.

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    Agree with improv. Waxed the husbands back last year a couple of months before we went and he completely broke out for a couple of weeks. Do some testing at home before you go.

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