My husband and I are booking our 3rd trip to Jamaica in September but as it stand now we will be doing a separate vacation because we can't agree on a resort. We ere married at CSA and we loved it, in particular I loved the beach. This last trip we went to Ochoa Rios in November/December sadly to an non couples resort and paid the price it was terrible. Despite the resort being terrible again it wasn't couples, the weather was really cold. I'm Canadian and not a wimp when it comes to cold weather but it was really cold to the point where we were wrapped in towels on the beach, and never went into the pools. The wind made it even worse. I'm just wondering if this was a fluke and the two weeks that we were there a cold front moved in or is this normal for this part of the island. There wasn't one day that I could even say I was hot. My husband really wants to do CSS or CTI, but I just keep remembering how cold it was. Our first trip to CSA was in July and we did have a tail of a hurricane hit us but it was nothing like Ocho Rios. I don't really have anything to compare it to because it was the first time we went during the winter.

Loved the scenery and the general vibe of Ocho Rios but I missed the beaches and weather of Negril.

Any information would be wonderful!