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    Default First time to Jamaica, cant decide between CSA or CN. please help

    So my husband and I are planning our first ever trip to Jamaica in May 2013. we have decided on negril since the beach looks gorgeous. However, we keep going back and forth between CSA and CN. we are looking at reviews all over the web and both seem really good. What is the main difference between the two? we love nice beach and relaxation, but also like some nightlife/late night entertainment. We are not too picky about food or room quality. What is the main difference in terms of location, beach, and entertainment? any advice will be appreciated.

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    There really isnít much difference between CN and CSA. They are both on 7 mile beach, CN on Bloody Bay and CSA on Long Bay. They have two of the best beaches in the world. They are both on public beaches which means anybody can walk along the water, but only guests can come onto the resort. You can walk along the shore for a mile from CN, and about 4 miles from CSA.

    They both have a fabulous Couples staff and about the same great food. Since they are both Couples brand, the daily activities and water sports are equal. The nightly entertainment is about the same too. CSAís beach is very long and thin, while CNís beach is shorter but much deeper. I believe someone calculated the sand areas one time and the two resorts have about the same size beaches. CSA has more rooms and due to its length, there is more walking. CN is more compact and all rooms are close to everything. CN has only 2 room types: Rooms and suites. The different categories are location and view only. We love the Deluxe Beachfront rooms in building 6.

    CSA has a huge sports complex, while CN has a nice gym.

    CN has an Au Natural area while CSA does not.

    So, unless you are big workout nuts or nudists, it really doesnít matter which you choose.

    We just returned from CN a week ago and are already planning a split trip next year with a week at CSA followed by a week at CN. Youíll have the perfect vacation at either one.
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    Tammy as far as beaches, csa is much longer and you can access more of seven mile beach on foot, shopping , bar hopping. That's what we like much better about csa than cn. Cn shares a cove with other resorts on Bloody bay , which is still part of seven mile beach. Csa is more spread out and beach oriented I would say. Cn is more compact, centered around their really nice pool. Trip #5 booked for April at csa, if you would like some pics, email me at

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    The beach is better at CSA and it gives you easy access to leave the resort and walk the beach; to see Jamaica up close and personal. CN is several large buildings. CSA is many smaller ones, more "jungle" than CN. Most of the activity at CN revolves around the large pool and while there is a pool bar at CSA, the resort overall is more laid back.
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    I am also for the first time.

    There are COUNTLESS threads on CSA vs CN as this question is asked multiple times a week.

    Some people will chime in, but instead of waiting for repeat answers, look around on this site and on TripAdvisor. Simply type in CN vs CSA and you will find PLENTY of threads.

    It's basically split down the middle...


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    CSA has the Disco that stays open until the last couple leaves...

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    We are CN lovers, 4 trips, who went to CSA in October of 2012 (we had been to CN in February 2012). We love both resorts now, but still lean towards CN, because of it's quiet laid back feel and size. But, as I said we also fell in love with CSA with the rooms right on the beach (we had a beach front veranda), the beach bars (I think I left an imprint on a stool at the Tiki Bar), Seagrapes grill right on the beach, and of course the wonderful staff. So, being torn, this year, we will do a split, 6 nights at CSA and 7 nights at CN, and then next year we will reverse and do 7 at CSA and 6 at CN.

    Swept Away, in my opinion and my wife's, has more entertainment. It has a night club with a DJ that goes for a while (so I am told as we are usually in bed by midnight). We love the Piano Bar at both places but Swept Away is more entertainment then sing-a-long, and we love the sing-a-long so we favor CN for that. Food is going to be fantastic at both, but we do enjoy Seagrapes at CSA which there is nothing like that at CN. I liked the layout of the Buffet better at CN, but the quality of the food is top notch at either. CSA has pizza which CN does not, at Patois, and they also have ala carte breakfast at Patois which at CN the only breakfast option is buffet. Swept Away has more lunch and dinner options, and, more bar options, but sometimes I don't want a lot of options to choose from, that's like work and I am on vacation.

    Like I said we love both now, and will return in 267 days to do a split stay. You will enjoy the resort no matter which one you choose.

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