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    Default CSS Social Schedule

    Hey Everyone,

    I was just checking out the Social Schedule for both CSS and CTI to kinda help me decide. I see that on most evenings at CTI there is "Dj Smooch" and at CSS there is a "Sing-a-Long".

    What exactly is this sing-a-long? Having somewhere to dance is very important to us. Is there any dancing at CSS?

    Thanks guys,


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    Hi Shari,

    Yes - there is dancing every night as CSS with a live band. The sing-a-long they are referring to is a piano player that played after dancing - the one night we were there at the Balloon bar for the "sing-a-long" a bunch of us ended up keeping him (piano player) there till the wee hours - it was a hoot! )
    Dave and Cheryl (Hastings, ON)

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    Perfect! So glad to hear that!

    Do you happen to know if they have dancing at CTI as well?

    This is definitely making me very happy!!! I love going dancing after a nice evening

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    CTI also has dancing every night either on the main stage or at the patio after dinnertime.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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