This year's trip was in the air for a long time due to our daughter's upcoming wedding and some health issues that are still unanswered, but we decided life is too short, you just never know what tomorrow will bring, so we booked the airfare last week and we are going rather than cancelling.

NOW I am excited! I have not been to CN since 07, and although we love CSS we are missing CN terribly. Now that I have allowed myself to believe we are really going and I am officially excited. I have been reflecting on past trips (this will be our 5th Couples trip) and it got me thinking about all the wonderful people we have met there! We have been to other resorts, made friends, but don't seem to really keep in touch with them like we have with the friends we made through Couples. Every trip we make we meet up with some of them, but miss others, and make some new. I would love to hit the lottery and fill a resort with every person I have met there, or through Couples that has touched our lives. That is my point, we could absolutely fill a resort! When you really think about it how cool is that?

I feel really blessed! Oh btw have I mentioned I am a little bit excited?


CN 06, 07
CSS 08, 10
CN soon come 2013