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    Default Iced Tea at CSA??

    I love all the drink suggestions but I love a good glass of ice tea. Do they have this at CSA? Do I need to bring a few tea bags. Just curious....

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    I too love ice tea. They have it but it is differant from what you would get in the states. We only ordered it once. If you must have it bring your own tea bags.

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    I drink iced tea everday and I had no problem with the tea at dispenser at the grill or at the Palms. There is a coffee maker in room with tea bags and you can make tea also.

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    There will be tea bags in your room. They may not be replaced quickly. Tea bags are available at The Palms and you can move a few to your room if you like.

    Put them in the coffee maker and you are good to go.

    The bars off and on did have some ice tea available last year.
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    You can get it at seagrapes or cabana also. Have to wait till after 10am because there is no ice in the machines yet.

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    Great! I'm not a iced tea snob, but might need something other than the leaded stuff... Thank you all so much!!

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