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    Default CSS Ceremony Locations and Resort photography

    I am counting down the days to our trip to CSS. March can not get here soon enough. In the mean time, I was hoping that some of you can share your wedding pics to help me choose the location for my ceremony....Beach or gazebo? I would also like any advice about working with the resort photographers. We are getting the Tropical Wedding Package, which includes one hour with the photographer.

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    Sunshine, we got married at csa but di try css a few years ago. I will say that it will be a gorgeous place to get married! We did have a private dinner in the wedding gazebo and it was very pretty and very private. Awesome location if you want to be alone. The beach would be good too. I would just wait until you arrive to decide. There are so many beautiful place on the property for photos, have fun!

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    We got married at CSS and Jerome was our photographer and he was great such a sweetheart. Not sure you can request but its worth a try Name:  dsc_0146_021.jpg
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