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    Default Second wedding at CSA

    Hi, this maybe a strange question but we will be coming to CSA for our honeymoon in August. We originally wanted to get married in Jamaica but decided not to due to family not being able to make it. I was wondering if we would be able to have a sort of second wedding while were there. Renewing our vows would be a bit silly after less than 2 weeks of marriage I think, perhaps we could have a wedding without all the legalities - does anyone know if thats possible? And would Couples do it for free as they do for regular weddings?

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's not a silly question but probably one most people on this site wouldn't know the answer to. It might be best to contact the resort directly to find the answer. Of course then you could come back and share the answer on the message board for others that might have the same question.

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    A marriage ceremony/wedding involves a marriage license and a ceremony presided over by an officiant authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies.

    A "wedding without all the legalities" is a vow renewal.
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