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    Can anyone tell me if they have bottled water at CN?

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    Not anymore, but the tap water is safe in Jamaica. Even when they had water bottles, I've always drank tap water at CN. Jamaica is not a great recycling country, and the ocean "garbage patches" are big enough already.

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    The water is good at CN. At the pool bar they have a pitcher/container that they keep with water so you can fill your glass up as needed (you just have to ask for ice, if you need ice).

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    They sell bottled water in the gift shop at CN. If I remember correctly, it was about $1.00 per bottle (maybe 24-ish ounces ?? -- only a month ago & the memories fade so fast !!). And, it's not in a cooler; they store it in the glass case under the checkout counter, so you have to ask them for it.

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