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    Default Citronella Candles at CSA?

    We just returned from a glorious week for our 4th trip to CSA. I noticed that missing from our room and our friends' were the wonderful cannister citronella candles they used to leave on the desks to use on the balcony. Is this a cost cutting measure? We really missed having it for the evenings when we were sitting outside. I came home with mosquito bites for the first time ever this trip too. I would love to see these back again on our next trip. The matches were there. Just not the candle.

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    The last time we went to CSA (1/11) we had to request the candles. They brought them almost immediately.

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    I seem to recall Randy posting awhile back that they were discontinuing the candles because of the potential fire hazard. In fact, you're not even allowed to bring candles from home, unless they are the battery operated type. I've seen many hotels with this stipulation. I know what you mean about the mosquitos, though. I have to douse myself in Off.

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    We asked the cleaning person and she was able to get us one. We love those candles too....And yes, I think the lack is one of their cost cutting measures....

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    I was there in December. I left housekeeping a note requesting one, and they brought me one the same day.

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    Thanks for the feedback! It's a good reminder that if there is something you need at Couples you just need to ask! I will definitely do so on our next trip to CSA. It's hard to imagine that there is truly a fire hazard concern when they are providing matches, but no candles. I am thinking it must be a cost-cutting measure.

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    We brought our own last summer, and probably will again this year. We like the mosquito repellant factor as well as we just like having a candle or two lit for a while while we have a drink on the verandah before turning in for the night. Ours are short and wide and fit into a nice little glass holder. No wax drips on the table top, no worries about tipping over. If you use candles please, please, please use caution and common sense.

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