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    Default Taxi from CSS or CTI

    Hey guys,

    I was just wondering if there is taxi service in the evening which we can use to go down to some of the bars on Main Street (Margaritaville etc)? Has anyone ever done this before? Any ideas on cost and safety?


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    The resorts both have a free shuttle to Margaritaville. I believe it is on Monday nights..

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    Have one of the bellmen arrange the taxi for you, which will probably be around $15-$20 round trip. Use common sense for safety - it's no different than going out drinking at night in a US city. If you pay the driver, he will probably wait on you or at least come back to pick you up. You may also be able to ask the bellmen to recommend some local places to check out.

    We've ventured out a few times, but to be honest, we have a better time at the resort (plus the drinks are free) so we don't go to local bars anymore. (Although we may try the pub crawl in Negril this year). We also think Margaritaville is overrated. If you've never been to one, then it's cool to check out. But the drinks are expensive and if you've ever been to any MV anywhere else, they are just about all the same.
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    I know if you go to the Guest Services Desk at CSS they can provide you with reliable and safe transportation into Ocho Rios. We did this during the day, without a problem. Unfortunately, I can't remember the cost. As for safety, I would offer you the same advice I would anyone traveling in a location they are unfamiliar with, be aware of your surroundings, don't carry more cash or credit cards that you think you will need, and have a good time!

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    Call the front desk. ~30bucks to go into town.

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    We take the taxi into town during the day to go shopping everytime we stay at CSS or CTI. It is around $25 round trip. If you get another couple, you can split the cost. I personally would not feel comfortable going into town at night by ourselves. But you may get positive responses from people who have done that. Margaritaville is in the Island Village shopping center.

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    Taxis are available from the resort, just let the bellman/front desk know. You pay one fee, ($40-50) for a round trip you arrange with the driver for pick up time or he'll give you his cell #. At least that's how we've done it from CTI, and they've always been there to pick us up at the arranged time. Talk to the bellmen, they're the best source of info.

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