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    Default Romance Rewards Pre Check In

    My husband and I are going on our first trip to CTI. I have been able to log into the Romance Rewards, but I get an error message every time I try to log into the pre check in website. Has anybody else had this issue and can shine some light on what I need to do to get into the site?


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    What is the error message?
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    I had the same problem and found out their system is not compatible with Safari. I was able to register very quickly using Internet Explorer. Good luck!

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    I believe it's because the pre check-in is only for returning RR guests. As a newbie, the only perk you will receive this trip is the option to participate in the Trading Places program. You won't get any other perks, which is what the pre-check-in is for (to select your repeater gift, etc). But if you want to be sure, email the Romance Rewards coordinator - she typically responds quickly: Submit Ticket - Couples Resorts - Couples Resorts Helpdesk and Support
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    Are you using a Mac? If so you can't log in using Safari. You have to use Firefox or Explorer.

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    Ive had the same issue. We are going in April so I am going to call the hotel early April to see what's going on.

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    Having looked at your post I decided to pre register for our upcoming trip in March to CN and I didn't have any issues.

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    Recieved an e-mail confirmation shortly after.

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    I think I had to use Firefox as the browser...didn't seem to work with Internet Explorer, for me anyway.

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    I have noticed that the romance rewards doesn't work on my Mac for some reason. I don't know what type of computer you are using, but that is what happens to me. If I use my husbands HP then I can get it to work.

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    Yes, instead of clicking log in (which doesn't work for me either) I think 2 spots below that it says pre check in. It will ask for the same info but will actually work.

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    I just tried and had no problems. (Jan 25th)

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    You may be trying to do this too far in advance.

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    It's still saying my image verification doesn't match .

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    I have a Mac but checked in using Firefox as my browser...

    No Problem....

    Carol and Dave....

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    Just did precheck in but used my laptop instead of IPad.

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    Wouldn't work on my iPad (Safari) but it did on my laptop (Firefox). I'm sure that's the issue.

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    I just checked in last night for a 02/05/13 arrival with no problems, used a laptop and FireFox.

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    Well I decided to try my IPod and it finally let me register . Then went & used safari and could login . Tonight I was even able to do it on my regular PC

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