We just returned from a week at CSS. We stayed in a beachfront suite, building B. Loved the location and view from the 3rd floor balcony.

Weather was good. We had 1 day that only had about a hour of sun, the rest rain and clouds. The following day there were storms until 11:30am. It then started to get nice and by 3 solid sun followed by sun the next few days. Overall, we had good weather, a lot of people were complaining, but for us it was no big deal.

The Friday night gala was cancelled as that was a rainy day. My husband and I never got the memo..luckily I overheard someone and found out so that we could make a reservation.

This was our 2nd time at CSS. To be honest, I'm not sure what was changed at pallazina, it looked the same to us. Loved the pizza at lunch.

There is a martini bar that we did not know about. Found out about it at the repeaters dinner, it was one of our favorite spots.

Overall we had a great time. Staff was fantastic, food was good, resort was beautiful.