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    Default July 2013 honeymoon at couples negril

    My fiancé and I will be honeymooning at Couples Negril July 6-15 2013. THis will be our first time in Jamaica so just wondering what the must do off-site excursions are? We are looking at doing the one love bus bar crawl (is that Wednesdays and Fridays or just wed's?) and the bob marley/dunn's river combo. Can you find a dolphin excursion cheaper through the local vendors or have one that you recommend for parasailing, jetskiing, etc?

    Also we booked the garden deluxe room b/c of the fact we want to spend money on the off-resort excursions. Does anyone know how close these are to the hottub by the scuba pool and what floor is the best (we booked ground level).

    I guess one last thing I'd like to know is how the weather will be, is it normally rainy in July?

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    Hey Beach_bum,

    My husband and I were in Jamaica in July 2011 for our honeymoon. I am not quite sure about the activities in Negril as we stayed in Ocho Rios at Sans Souci, the weather while we were there was fantastic. We arrived on the Monday and the first time it rained at all was on the Friday and it only last for a couple hours in the afternoon. It was hot but the breeze of the Carribean was a life saver. The weather was perfect, not too worry!

    Enjoy your honeymoon and congrats on the wedding!


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    First Duns River Falls is an all day event. 3 to 4 hour drive each way. Better served to do the Mayfield Falls event which is VERY, VERY COOL. Weather will be pretty hot with rain most days for a short bit in the morning and and a bit in the afternoon. Ya mon liquid sunshine.....

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    We go every July. Weather is usually wonderful. Word of caution, you may love this place so much and find so many all inclusive things to do at CN that you may not want to do many off site excursions. The Bob Marley/Dunns river will take you away ALL DAY. I could never do that. You can parasail and jet ski right in front of the resort. The ONe Love Bus Crawl is great! The garden rooms are all very close to the hot tub by the scuba hut. You will also love the Catamaran cruise that leaves from the resort. It goes to the cliffs and you can swim into a cave. You are going to love this place!

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    First off, congratulations on the upcoming wedding and honeymoon!! You and your fiance will absolutely LOVE CN! My wife and I honeymooned there last May/June and it was the greatest time ever. We did a lot of excursions because we figured it may be a while before we make it back to Jamaica, so we wanted to experience as much as we could. We booked all through the excursions desk at the resort. Here is our rank:
    1. Dolphin Cove - we did the full program where you swim and get pulled / pushed along. It was incredible! And of course we bought the photos / video because its a once in a lifetime experience.
    2. Chukka canopy zip line - being up in the jungle trees is amazing. The guides were sooo funny. Bring bug spray!
    4. Walk to market accross the street - this was cool, we got some neat stuff to take home.
    3. Black River / Y.S. Falls - both places were awesome, but it is a really far bus ride. Took all day, and we had a terrible bus driver so it kinda ruined the cool experience at the places. Do not get on a bus if your driver's name is "Ever-ready".

    The weather will be hot and humid, but not unbearable. The ocean and pool feel so good. It will probably rain in the afternoon a couple days for like 30 min and then clear up and be beautiful again. That's just how it is in the summer. Enjoy!

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    Tax: THanks!! we were looking at ocho rios in the beginning! (except at Sandals)...but couples looked wayyy better:-) How did you like the included excursions there?

    Bearso: Wow that's crazy :-/ It seems like a lot of the off site excursions take up your whole day pretty much. I heard Mayfield and YS falls were more private and not so "touristy" so I've been looking at that YS falls/black river safari/Floyd's pelican bar combo excursion (which would take up the whole day but seems so worth it!!) Have you been to the YS falls?

    Jimnmariann: Thanks!! My fiancé wants to do the bob marley tour so bad, lol (I'll probably pair it with something else though besides DUnns river because of what I wrote to Bearso.) ..the one love bus bar crawl is definitely something we're doing also! Do you know if you're allowed to do the Catamaran cruise more than once? (as well as the other included excursions?)

    Jbrew3066: Thanks)) I'm happy to hear that. We were looking at Sandals at first and then found the Couples resort through all the amazing reviews at tripadvisor. We are in our mid 20's so our biggest concern was if we were gonna be bored and if there was a nightlife at couples (since it seemed like most activities ended before midnight)..but I'm sure we're still gonna have a great time. DId you find it cheaper to book through the resort than through any local vendors then since you did it that way??

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    Hi Beach_Bum,
    First, congratulations with the up-comming wedding! You couldn't have picked a better place to honeymoon! My husband and I are adventure seeking beach bums. We have traveled all over and always try to fill our itinerary with excursions and things to do since we figure its once in a lifetime... Until we went to Couples Negril. As usual, I had quite a few things planned but something told me to wait till we got there (May 2011) and was I happy I did. There are SO many things to do at the resort that we never had a reason to leave! We did to the shopping across the street at the market and Rick's cafe but honestly, I could have spent all day at the resort and never once gotten bored. We honestly enjoyed it so much we are back from our second trip June 30th-July6th, and this time I'm just letting things happen. (Although, We are doing the OneLove Bus Bar Crawl) Wait until you get to the resort before you prepay anything, honestly, you may find the same reasons we did to never leave..... Enjoy!

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    Thanks MsBehave03 :-D We're so excited we actually get married the 4th of July and are leaving the 6th so it'll be a much needed break from all the wedding stress Lol... You sound like my fiance and I we really want to experience the "real" jamaica and get off the resort and go into town, but even with looking at off-resort excursions its like I'll see something I want to do and then realize theres a beach party or something fun at the resort we might be missing!!! haha.. so can you do the included excursions more than once (like the catamaran and sunset cruise)?? I'm glad to hear that there's so much to do though because everytime I look up CN on youtube the videos make the resort seem so desolate :-/ Enjoy your 2nd trip there!!

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    Beach_bum....I just have to say congrats on your upcoming wedding day!!! Guess fiancé and i are getting married on 4th of July too!!!! We're looking to book our honeymoon the same week as you but are still deciding between CN or's a tough decision cuz everything I read about both sounds amazing! Anyways, congrats & maybe we'll meet if we choose CN

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    Lizndev---That is awesome!! Congratulations to you too wedding twin:-) Now you HAVE to go to CN!! Lol.. seriously though, I was contemplating so long & hard between CN & CSA and which one would be better for us (we are mid 20's and like to stay out late!) and we ended up choosing CN b/c of a couple reasons:
    -it was cheaper than CSA (we booked the garden deluxe room though because we will never be in our rooms) which meant we could stay longer and have more $$ leftover to do extra excursions (OFFICE OF NATURE!!--it's walking distance from CN but not CSA)
    -from the sounds of it, the beach at CSA is very crowded & "hustle-bustle" like with vendors coming up to you and bothering you a lot since it's a longer beach area, CN sounds more private/relaxing and the water is deeper from the shore I heard
    -the resort activities ..CN won there!
    -the pool (we watched a couple youtube videos and read reviews about the pool being way better at CN ..while we're not extreme pool people and would rather be on the beach, i'm sure we will be at that pool swim up bar a lot!) the photo gallery on here looked nicer to us than CSA

    Either way, if you sign up for the romance rewards (free) before you go, they let you take a day trip out to CSA.
    Let me know what you decide, that would be awesome if you guys go to CN when we do though

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