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    Default JULY 6-15th 2013 ONE LOVE BUS BAR CRAWL

    We are staying at CN for our first time and heard the "one love bus bar crawl" was a must do... anyone else staying the same date who's gonna be doing it??

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    Hey beach_bum! You are gonna love CN!!! This July will be our 7th trip to CN and we can't wait! We will be there July 4-14.

    The One Love bar crawl is supposed to be a great time. I would love to do it! Not sure if I can get my husband on board......we'll see. Sand gravity is a terrible thing! I'll let ya know if we are interested when the time gets a little closer.

    Soon Come!!!

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    Thanks Cands!! It was so hard to pick between CN or CSA... but your post makes me feel better, 7 visits??! wow! We are in our mid 20's so it was hard to tell from the posts where the biggest nightlife was, but they both sound very similar in that aspect? (plus I really wanted to try the Office of Nature!!--have you been?). Let me know if your husband changes his mind! I heard you get to try really amazing food on the trip (as well as drinks)...or I've also been looking at the YS falls/black river safari/Floyd's pelican bar excursion through, which is cheaper with the more people you have and also had amazing reviews if you wanna do that instead! (PS how bad is the "sand gravity"?) ...Keep in touch!

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    I am also going to be at CN for the first time from July 10-17. We were planning on doing the pub crawl too just not sure what day yet. Maybe well see you there.

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    We were there for 12 days in March and did the one love bus bar crawl, it was probably the most fun thing that we have had in the last 8 years of going to couples in Negril. Don't miss it.

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    beach_bum - We've been to YS and Black River - it was a fun day and the falls are beautiful! I would definitely suggest going. We've never been to the Pelican Bar - just didn't want to be gone all day from CN. I've heard it's a great experience so I would say go for it. I would probably just do YS and Pelican so that you have more time at the two of those and don't feel rushed. Sand'll get ya and you won't know it until it's too late!! LOL!!!

    We have never been to the Office of Nature believe it or not. I would like to go. Some expats have advised us against going to the original OON because of the lack of facilities (no running water) so we have been a little hesitant. Others swear by it and say the lobster is fantastic. I love lobster so maybe this year - there is also the new OON that is set up where the original one used to be. They are supposed to be good also. We'll see what this year brings. Pub crawl is still a possibility.

    July soon come!! Hope to meet you there!!

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    Awesome!! The site says the guy who runs the bar crawl only does Wednesday and Fridays so most likely the 15th:-) we will probably see you!!

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    Hi beach_bum. We are also in our mid-late 20's and this will be our first time at CN. My fiance and I will be at CN july 2-9 for our honeymoon! I heard about the one love bus crawl but wanted to wait until we got there to decide. I also heard that Floyd's was amazing and definitely wanted to do that. I wasn't really sure how you got there. Do you have to take a taxi to a specific area then the boat?

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    Good Q Beach Bum! This is our first trip to CN as well, ETA 6/8-6/13, we are 38 and haven't had vaca in a long time due to kids. I was getting worried only older couples go to CN. I am interested in the bar crawl but I suffer from sand gravity, thirsty for salt water, and my drinks flowing. I think we are winging it and may do the cat cruise....not sure. Does the bar crawl involve a lot of time in a car driving around wife gets motion sickness???? Add alcohol, ruins vaca,....I prefer to be constantly in the sun, pool, beach, kayaks, volleyball, food, and drinks....

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    This will be our first time at CN. We are really excited, and can't wait until we get there! I think we may try and do the One Love Bus Crawl. We will be there July 1-5!

    One Love!

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    I heard too many great things about the One Love Bus Crawl Tour. We are headed back to CN June 28th-July 5th and I contacted Lenbert who operates the bus back in March and reserved for July 3rd. He responded almost immediately and put me on the list. Make sure to contact him to get a seat! I am super excited for this and will report back for anyone who wants to know.

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    To those interested in the One Love Bus Bar Crawl - I believe if there are a certain number of people who want to do this on a day other than a Wed. or Fri. it can be arranged by contacting Lenbert.

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    I just booked the crawl for the 14th. Maybe we will see some of you there.

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    My wife and I will be at CN July 5 - 12 for our 5th time. We are bringing a newbie couple and are late 30s/barely 40. Definitely interested in Floyd's and possibly the One Love Bus. We have to make time for the sunset Cataraman booze cruise though. I believe it runs twice a week.

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