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    It has been 3 years since we have been to CSA- this will be our third trip in March but just wanted to see if anyone who has been there lately has any updates or changes they can let me know about.

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    We were just there last year (and in 2009 before that) and don't think there have been any major changes that I can think of. The only difference was the beach due to storms and erosion. When we were there in April 2009, the Barry's Bar sign on the dead tree at the south end of the beach was a good 10-15 feet from the water's edge. Last year (April 2012), the tree was in the water.

    We are headed back in April - save us some rum!
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    No changes to the resort other than some extra plantings along the pathways. The sand on the beach is always changing to some degree from the storms and currents. Sand dissapears and then reappears. It doesn't leave but just moves around both on and off shore. The south beach is still the largest with the north end coming in second and the central is the narrowest. April of 2011 the water sport shed was almost in the water and a year later it was a good 60-70 feet back. If you were there in 2010 then you saw a pretty large and deep beach. Two hurricanes that Fall pulled a lot of sand away but it will all come back. Still one of the Caribbean's best beaches!

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    Thanks for the responses. We just pre-registered with the romance rewards and now its offically count down time.

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