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    Default CSA Room Requests

    I'm sure this has probably been asked before but going to ask anyway.
    Just booked today for late July at CSA with a Beachfront Verandah Suite and really do not care which one but would really like the 3rd floor.
    Does CSA take room requests? If so, how do you go about requesting a certain room? Can you email the resort management?

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    You can request when you check in, thats it. I don't think it does any good to do it ahead of time as people are checking in and out daily.

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    I e-mailed them and requested a 2nd floor PBFS prior to when we went to CSA in December. They had my request when we checked in and we were granted a second floor suite like we had requested.

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    You can make request in advance but I am not even sure it really matters to the staff to accomodate the request. They fill the rooms based on availability, length of stay and whatever variables they need to consider. Your preference will take the back seat to their needs.


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    I agree with softail... we requested anything but ground floor on our reservation. When we checked in, they had us on the 1st. I asked to be on at least the 2nd floor and they accomodated the request. We, of course, lost our mini-bar selections made via pre-checkin, but no real loss.

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    In the past, Couples allowed guests to make requests in advance. This proved problematic, however, because people seemed to construe "request" as "demand with which the resort is obligated to comply," and there were far too many incidents of ugly behavior when guests found that their requests could not be granted upon arrival.

    If you want a particular building, floor, room, etc., you can make your request upon arrival. If a room is available that meets your wants at that time, the resort staff will gladly give you that room.
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    Several years ago, we used to be able to put in a request (usually we requested a 3rd floor room) when we made our reservation. However, they discontinued that. Now you really do just have to wait until you check in.

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    You can always call the 1-800-Couples number and ask them to make a note in your file. Just mention this on arrival and I'm sure they'll do their best for you. Sometimes you'll need to wait a few days before your room is available, and if you're OK with moving in the middle of your stay, this might be a good alternative.

    Have fun!!!

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    Always contact the Couples Reservation staff at CSA a week or so before you go to let them know that even though you realize there are no room requests that it would mean a lot for you to get the third floor and ask them to note it on your reservation. Contact them again a day or two before leaving. They are amazing at making people happy so if there is any way to keep one of these rooms open for you they will. Just remind them when you check in. The Couples reservations staff are the absolute best! Enjoy!

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