My girlfriend and I will be going to CSA for the first time in March. She is really excited about the catamaran cruises offered.

Are you allowed to take the catamaran cruise more than once if it's not booked?

From what I have read, it seems you can definitely go snorkeling and diving (if certified) more than once, but I'm not sure about the catamaran cruises. What about water skiing and glass bottom boat? Can you do those more than once?

Also, I have read some recent posts and reviews from people saying they were unable to go on a catamaran (the entire trip) because it was booked all week. Is that realistic, or do you think the people waited until the last minute to book? That would be a huge disappointment if we tried to book it when we arrive, and its not available all week!

(Luckily there are still tons of other stuff to do, but we really want that Catamaran Cruise!)

Thanks for the help!