Hi there.

Wondering if anyone has done a recent Club Mobay Saturday arrival? In our two previous trips with Saturday arrivals, the lines at immigration were horrible. Three planes land around 3:00pm and the mad rush is on at that time. Are you really brought through immigration past the long lines or am I wishful thinking? Standing in line for 2.5 hours after sitting in an airborne tube for 4.5, all while having to pee, isn't a good way to start vacation! The last two trips, it was 4 hours from landing to the resort, including the bus ride. That means we spent 2.5 hours at the airport. We literally didn't get to the resort until after 7 pm. If Club Mobay shortens that time for us, I am all for it, but some of the reviews on this board and on TA say its not worth it. I am looking for info specific to Saturday as I understand immigration is no problem mon on other days! Thanks for any and all info that can be provided!
16 more sleeps till paradise @ CN!!