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    We have been lucky enough to visit Couples 3 times. In February of 2012, my husband really wanted to try something new as we really haven't traveled to all that many places. Well we went to Mexico and while the hotel was nice, and we swore we wouldn't do it, we couldn't help compare our experience to Couples. The thing that stood out the most was the staff in Mexico...while they were perfectly nice, they weren't engaging and they didn't enhance our vacation at all. That is the special thing about Couples...the staff is beyond amazing. We always know we can count on smiles and laughing and just an overall truly welcome feeling by the staff at Couples. And the fact that you see the same staff members year after year, really makes you feel that you are home.

    We also always meet the greatest couples from around the world and come home with new friends...we just didn't get that in Mexico even though the resort was about the same size...nothing huge. Oh well we have learned our lesson.

    So normally we are within hours or days of our departure home, but since last year was so bad here in Detroit, we haven't been able to book anything yet. Hoping for November this year. I hope so...I can't wait to go home and see my family!!!

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    That's why there are so many repeaters. That's why we have been back to CTI 34 times, and the next trip is 77 days away. You can not reproduce paradise with just a few palm trees and some pleasant surroundings.

    Welcome back to the family.

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    34 times!!! I am so jealous!!! I hope we can get there 34 times!!

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