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    Default Montego Bay airport on Sundays

    Hi we are arriving in JA on a Sunday this year. Is this a bad day? We will be in around noon. We have never joined the VIP Club before but am considering joining if it is as busy as last year. We are arriving March 17th. Thanks

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    We got into mbj around 3:30 pm two Sundays ago and barely any waiting. Check out this cool site someone posted. FlightStats - Global Flight Tracker, Status Tracking and Airport Information

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    For the past few years, we have arrived into Mobay on a Sunday around noon. We've never had much of a line.

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    We use FlightStats as well. You'll be able to guage what's arriving around the same time as you. But, wouldn't you agree that any day/time of the week is a good day/time to be arriving in MBJ, after all your ARRIVING

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