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    Default Returning guest at CSA

    Hoping someone can help me with this. My husband and I stayed for a week at CSA in March 2011 and we just booked again for one week in December 2013. So excited!!
    Under the Romance Rewards site, it states, "As a loyal Couples guests you can earn "Romance Rewards" every time you visit." So I assumed that our 2011 visit would qualify us as repeater customers and we would be able to attend the repeaters dinner and make use of the resort credit.
    I sent a note on the romance rewards site to ask how I go about getting credit for our first visit but was told the visit had to be within the last 12 months in order to qualify??? Am I missing something? Has anyone else been refused the repeaters status because it wasn't within 12 months?

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    You are expected to update your romance reward points account within 12 months of traveling but the points stay good for 4 years. I don't quite understand why the 12 month part but would contact them again and ask for a supervisor if you don't get anywhere with the first customer support rep. There must be a way to get credit as this requirement is not spelled out to guests in advance. In facct, if you don't scroll down to the small print at the very bottom of the Couples site you would not even see romance rewards offered. Couples should correct this. Their main goal should be to make guests happy and encourage them to come back. Not to try to strip them of credits for past visits.

    "Nights Stayed are cumulative. No benefits are earned on complimentary stays or Industry Discounted Rates. Nights expire 4 years after they are earned. One Romance Rewards account per couple. Three night minimum stay required to receive benefits. To receive credit for your stay, provide your Romance Rewards number to the Front Desk prior to check-out. Your account will credited 30 days after check-out. Duplicate registrations will be cancelled. It is guest responsibility to verify accuracy of their account. You have up to 12 months from the travel date to contact us and request an update. If the nights' balance on your account is incorrect please contact us."

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    Yes, ours was denied in Sept 2012 since it had been 2 years since our visit prior.

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    You have not been refused as repeaters. You 'ARE" Repeaters, you just did not gain points due to the length of time. You will still be able to go to the repeaters dinner.

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    They have to draw the line some where, Right? Other wise they would end up with people who went 5 years ago and now want to sign up for the rewards and have the acct credited for when they stayed 5 years ago. Its to bad you just missed the cut off, you still should be able to go to the repeater dinner and do a tradeing places day at CN?!? The rewards are a nice thank-you for returning to the Couples resort but not the real reason us repeaters keep coming back.

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