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    Default Randymon, can you shed a little light ?

    I just saw the post on the Au Natural site, saying that no one has been able to go to TI for about two weeks. Can you give us any more details.?


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    We were just there last week, it is fine. We heard it was closed for a few days due to weather before we got there.

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    We have been at CTI since Friday. Seen plenty of people out there all week. We are having dinner on the island tonight to celebrate my birthday. So no problem mon!

    Carol and Dave.

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    Thanks for the update Carol & Dave. I know that everything you read on any of the social medias, or even here on the MB, are true. You can't put anything on the net that isn't true. ROTFLMAO. I knew that the truth would ultimately be told.

    Enjoy your night on the island. It's a marvelously magical spot.

    Happy Birthday


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    We were there January 5-12. I can't speak for the 5th because it was late when we got there, but there were only two days that were not red flagged due to high winds. This isn't couples fault, just luck of the weather.

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