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    Default First or second floor beachfront at CSA

    My fiance and I will be honeymooning at CSA in August and so far, we have loved the look (and comments) about any of the beachfront suite categories. Depending on when we book and what is available, we would love to get the new Premier Beachfront Suite category. If it's not available, we'll go with the BFS or BFVS.

    My question is though... first or second floor (or third floor for BFVS)?????

    I had read VERY mixed reviews on this issue. First is right on the beach and easy access, second is more private and better views of the ocean? Someone give it to me straight... what is REALLY more important?

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    Whats important is that you are happy! First floor has direct access to the beach but some people will say that it provides less privacy. My wife and I have always stayed on the 2nd floor and love the quick access, a little more privacy and the view. The 3rd floor provides ultimate privacy and great views of sunsets, the beach and the resort. Each one holds its own charm and depends on your likes and dislikes. Be assured you will spend very little time in your room once you discover the resort! Enjoy CSA.

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    I loved the first floor bfvs for the view and easy access but you can't sleep with your veranda doors open which we enjoyed but our view was obstructed by palms. It's a tough choice. If I could afford it, I would pick the premier bf, I wouldn't care what floor. Here's a pic of bfvs 4122. Pretty nice view!Name:  IMG_20110421_092355.jpg
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    Wgat I meant to write was our second floor bfvs was obstructed by palms but it's more private and we could sleep with the veranda doors open.

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    We were at CSA in December and we had a premiere BFS. We were so torn too as to what to request. At CN we had a first floor beach front suite and we loved walking right out to the beach. We decided this time, at CSA, to request a 2nd floor room for more privacy. We knew it could not be guaranteed so we decided just to let the cards fall where they may and if our request was not granted we were fine with that. We ended up with a 2nd floor and we loved it. Very private. The view was obstructed by the palm trees, but we could still see the ocean through the trees. It was very nice. There was a winding staircase up to our room so I was glad we had help with our bags! It took us a day to figure out were the light switch for the hallway with the stairs was and it was a bit treacherous the first night going down those stairs in heels!

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    You need to make the decision which is more important to you. I prefer the privacy. Some dn't like to walk up the flight of stairs. To each their own.


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    Thank you both for your replies!

    What I'm hearing/seeing is: 1st floor has - #1 a view #2 quick access to the beach, BUT #3 less privacy
    2nd floor has - #1 more privacy, #2 still has quick access to the beach but #3 view may be obstructed.

    Darn!!!! Now I feel even more confused.... it is quite the conundrum! But you're right. Any room will be amazing and we may not be spending much time in it anyways. Price isn't really a factor, as this is our honeymoon, it is being gifted to us. We will most likely be staying in the premier beachfront suite, as we fell IN LOVE with it!

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    We have stayed on the first, second and third floors of the BFVS. We love the view from the 3rd floor, and the fact that no one is above you (think footsteps late at night). The second floor is nice (fewer steps), but we did have one room where we could not see the sunset from our balcony because a palm tree obstructed the view. We do like the fact that we can sleep with our verandah doors open on the 2nd and 3rd floors (very relaxing). BUT there is something special about being on the first floor and walking right off your balcony onto the beach. Of course, we tried to leave our verandah doors open at night in our first floor room, but the security guard actually came to our room and strongly suggested that we not leave the door ajar at night.

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    If you're going with the Premiere BFS, then definitely see if you can get the first floor. Those wrap around decks are just sooo awesome!!! Trust me, you'll feel like a king and queen!!

    We've found that 2nd floor rooms can sometimes have obstructed views because of the palms, while with 3rd floor you're pretty much above the palms (in some cases)....

    Enjoy your honeymoon!!

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    Hey that's my room. Get out, lol. That is a great room and view. We love the first floor, quick access to the beach and people watching is great!

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    Name:  Sunset.jpg
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Size:  84.7 KB Here is the view from our upstairs Premier Beachfront Suite at CSA. So relaxing, private, and peaceful up there. Ya mon... What a place to start and end the day.

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    Name:  DSCN5511.jpg
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Size:  157.9 KBName:  DSCN5436.jpg
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Size:  181.8 KB Our Premier BFS room was upstairs in this building and our daytime view of the Caribbean is amazing as well as the sunset I previously posted. You should get a good look at how the Premier Beachfront Suite Rooms are set up with one upstairs and one downstairs. We love the privacy and relaxing feel of upstairs. The balcony is quite large with a lounge, table, and two chairs so all the talk of the huge wrap around porch downstairs is just extra wasted space to us. Two people only need so much room. Both provide more than enough outside room to relax and enjoy. The smaller room to the left upstairs with the smaller balcony on the side is the regular BFS room. I hope this helps.

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    Thanks again, everyone for your replies! And thanks for the pictures!!!!! We are so excited, we've never been on a vacation together before... so what better than our honeymoon in paradise

    I think we're just going to a premier beachfront suite and lets the cards fall where they may. It sounds like there are perks for both first and second floor. We'll let fate decide for us!

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    We always get the BFVS - 1st floor. We enjoy having our continnental breaksfast delivered to our verandah, being so close to the beach and we don't mind the people walking by. We love to say hello and everyone is just as friendly. We have never heard noise from the upper floors, nor have we heard others late at night returning to their rooms. The A/C drowns out any outside noise. We know others will say they like to sleep with their doors open at night........We're not a fan of that. Don't want any little lizards or bugs visiting me at night......that's just us though.

    The advantages to us for the 1st floor is: We set our chairs up on the beach in line with our room. They give you a key to the verandah door now which makes it so accessable while out on the beach. It's nice to go back to the room to use 'your' bathroom or retrieve anything you might have forgotton to take. The sunsets are beautiful sitting on the verandah........or you can walk out to the ocean line for pictures.

    Enjoy whatever makes you happy. CSA is a wonderful place to be.

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