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    We are going to Couples Swept Away for the FIRST time in a couple of weeks. We'd like to zipline (if it's worth it). Please advise.

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    Hey Somelikeithot,
    We did a zipline tour during one of our trips to CSA. Here's a link to the tour we took: Canopy Tours - Zipline Adventure Tours - Montego Bay, Jamaica It does require most of the day to go and it was well worth it in my opinion. They have a double line system that is very safe and the staff was a lot of fun. It was a wonderful day on multiple ziplines and was a well run organization that focused on safety. As long as you're willing to take about 1+45 to get there and the same coming back, you will love it.

    Steve & Diane

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    we went ziplining on our last trip to csa It was fun however i bought a gopro camera just for that so i could film it. I was not told until we were there that they do not allow filiming of any kind however they did follow us around with a camera and then try to sell you pictures. I found out there are 2 zipline tours you can take and one will let you film. so if you want to take your own pictures make sure you tell the tour desk you want the one you can take a camera to..

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