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    Default Activities Schedule Change?

    Having seen some questions on the catamaran, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat times and days I clicked on the schedules under Inclusions & Activities at the bottom of the page and saw that the reworked schedules no longer give this information. They used to tell you the days and times for these things as I have directed other guests to that link before. Can they be put back in to help the guest know when things are happening?

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    I have also been looking for it. I knew I saw it at one time. I printed the fitness activities and the social activities. Whould like to know when the catamaran and snorkeling go out and which days. Thirty six days to CSA.

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    I was saying this too....They used to be on the old activities schedule, but are not on either of the 2 new schedules now posted......thought I was going crazy and made my husband come look too cuz everyone kept saying 'it's there'. I am referring to CSA only, as I have not looked for it on the others.

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    Thought I would bring this back up as I haven't read an answer to this yet.

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    We would also like to see this information online.
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    I did find an 'old' activities schedule, that I printed out several months ago, before the change. According to that, the Cat Cruise at CSA goes out on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday @ 3:30 pm. As I said, this is several months old, so I can't say whether it is still accurate.

    I keep checking the 'new' schedules, but have not seen an update which includes the Cat Cruise, Snorkling, Diving, Diving Class, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunfish/Windsurfing Lesson, or Water Skiing Lesson.

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    From our activity schedule in Oct 2012 at CN...

    All water sports daily,
    Cat cruise, Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat
    Push Cart shuttle, Sun, Mon, Fri @ 5pm
    Margaritaville shuttle, Weds, @ 5pm
    Walk to craft market, Tues and Sat
    Times Square shopping, Mon, Wed, Fri

    Mgr Cocktail Party Mon
    Repeater Dinner, Mon

    Beach Party, Thur
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    Could you please put this to rest by having these activities added back to the Inclusions & Activities tab on the Couples site. It really does help people to plan their stay. Please let us know you are working on this.

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    I can track down the sunset catamaran cruise after clicking several links through the general Couples menu bar above the pictures but there is still no explaination as the what days and times it goes out. Can we please get this returned to the activities links of each resort, as it used to be, to help guests plan? Does it now go out every day of the week?

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