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    Default Creating Your Favourite Meal at Couples

    Last year at CN we had a great time and really enjoyed the food.

    We tied into the jerk chicken and ceasar salad and washed it down with a cold red stripe or two almost each day at the beach grill for lunch; however, if we could only have one meal at CN we would choose the private dinner in the tree house. The atmosphere was very romantic, and Godfrey served us:

    Starter: Trio of Seafood (coconut shrimp ceviche, local smoked marlin & pimento chardonnay poached lobster and caper mustard)

    Soup: Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque (with celery creme friache)

    Red Wine

    Main: Grilled Beef Tenderloin (camelized onions, flash seared greens. potatoes and merlot beef galze)

    Dessert: The Chef's Pastry Selection and cheesecake

    We still talk about that meal when we reminisce about our several trips to the Caribbean. It tops them all.

    If you could only have one meal at Couples, What would it be? What would you have to drink? Where would it be? And, which employee would you want to serve it to you?

    Love to hear your favourites and maybe get some new ideas to try this spring!

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    My favorite lunch meal was at seagrapes at CSA. Fish tacos and a sautaed falafel sandwich, washed down with a Red Stripe, and served by my man Jermaine

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    Ohh! This is fun! Our perfect meal would be on the beach at CSA.

    Starter- Smoked Marlin Dip from Patois and those yummy shrimp won tons from Lemongrass

    Salad- Ceasar

    Main- For me it would be the shrimp with citrus sauce I had a Feathers and for my husband it would be the Grilled beef tenderloin

    Dessert- Mine would be the ginger creme brulee from lemongrass and my husbands would be key lime pie

    Of course there would be many Pina Coladas and Mojitos!

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    Love the fish tacos!

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