Had my first ever flight from Philly to MBJ. The flight was better then what I thought it would be and when we arrived at the airport we walked to customs and got stuck in line for about 45 minutes or so. First thoughts were I hope everything isn't like this. We then moved on and got our bags that were already waiting for us and then we moved through the rest of security and into the couples lounge. Everyone there was nice and helpful and could sense that I was a little unsure of this new experience. In about 10 minutes or so our bags were packed on the shuttle bus and we were off to the resort.
Way to the resort:
Our driver was very informative and explained things on the way to the resort the drive was probably close to an hour and a half with a stop close to 3/4 of the way through. Construction not far from the airport held us up a little as well.
The Stay:
We stayed on the 2nd floor of building 5. The room was nice and never had any issues except the air conditioner was leaking water. Told someone and it was fixed within about and 2 hours. Mainly condensation they said. I just didn't want their wall to be ruined. I snorkelled 3 times once at night. Thought it was worth the $35.00. Also did the beginners dive and if I had an extra day would have done the certification course. All the employees were nice and most remembered you somewhat day after day and spoke to you. The entertainment was good. We all really liked the Silver Bird Steel Band. The beach party was way more relaxed then I thought but was ok. The food was outstanding. The self serve ice cream cones were great, probably ate 30 of them. We did some of the activities that Fabian asked us to do and had fun. Can't say that I ran into anyone that was not happy or helpful.
The trip back:
We happened to have the same driver as we had going to the resort. Heard the same stories only backwards which was funny. I asked for a stop on the way back and I think most of the people were happy that I asked. Hit the same traffic at the construction but was not nearly as bad as on the way to the resort. Shopped at the airport for some stuff and waited around for the plane. The wait was not as bad as I thought it sounded like it was going to be seeing that we left the resort around 9:15 and the flight was at 2:00. If gave us a chance to relax and also get to look around. The flight home was fine as well even though were to be getting more turbulance.

I can't say that I will be flying again soon but it was not as bad as I thought and I can't complain about the trip. I would probably do it again.