my wife and i just spent 5 days at cti. this was r 2nd trip to couples (1st was csa). it was wonderful. i had read reviews about people saying that they should hv went to the island earlier in their stay. so on r 2nd day my wife looked at me and said if we r going to try it we had to go right then. we were both a lil nervous cause it was r first AN experience. but we ABSOLUTLY loved it. the next day we tried to lay on the beach but we kept lookin out to the island wishing we were there. so we left the beach and went back to the island. we were there every day. i never had to wait on a drink. not many people went out there. i seen the same 6 or 7 couples out there every day. i dont think its for everybody but i think people should try it atleast once in their lives. my wife said it was so EXHILARATING