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    Default dont knock it til u try it

    my wife and i just spent 5 days at cti. this was r 2nd trip to couples (1st was csa). it was wonderful. i had read reviews about people saying that they should hv went to the island earlier in their stay. so on r 2nd day my wife looked at me and said if we r going to try it we had to go right then. we were both a lil nervous cause it was r first AN experience. but we ABSOLUTLY loved it. the next day we tried to lay on the beach but we kept lookin out to the island wishing we were there. so we left the beach and went back to the island. we were there every day. i never had to wait on a drink. not many people went out there. i seen the same 6 or 7 couples out there every day. i dont think its for everybody but i think people should try it atleast once in their lives. my wife said it was so EXHILARATING

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    cdspieth I am so glad you ventured out to TI. Also referred to as "the rock". And you're right, it isn't for everyone, although I would love everyone to try it. But for those of us that spend the entire day out there, it's an incredible experience.

    I realize that there are many reasons why people would never think about going out. Upbringing, religious, not in great shape, and on and on it goes. But the funny thing is, so many of the people that do go out, are absolutely blown away. Then, all the very valid reasons that kept them all from trying it, suddenly are no longer valid. They shake their heads and wonder why they hadn't done it before.
    Perhaps some of them won't share that information with friends or family back home, and that's okay. But I bet that they will find themselves walking around with this tiny little smile, curling around their mouth while they are trying to concentrate of things at work. They may even break into a giggle every now and then. Your fellow employees may think you've flipped. It's all a very common happening.

    The freedom and the empowerment, not to mention the sheer thrill of it, can, and has been, a life changing event. It has brought couples closer together, given countless numbers of people one of the best vacations they ever had, and sharing all of that with your significant other, is well, just a really nice thing.

    I applaud your courage because I know just how difficult it can be to feel confident enough to try it, let alone find that you really love it.

    This April will be our 35 visit CTI. And at everyone of them, we shared excitement, laughter, stories, information,and so much more with complete strangers that are naked,that we met on that magical outcropping, And we have remained friends with some of those couples, thru e-mails, here on the MB and on Facebook, for many years.

    I know you'll be back.


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    all r family and friends asked where r pics from r vacation r. my wife and i laugh and say they didnt allow cameras on the island. they all get a blank face cause they dont understand til we tell them that there were no cameras cause we were all nude. then they laugh and say no way they could never do that. on r last night at cti we were eating in dinner and there was 2 newlyweds (1 couple on eachside of us). the one couple was around r age which is late 20s early 30s. the other couple early 20s. we were all talking til one couple asked if we had been to the island? we said we were there all week. they laughed and continued talking to us. on the other hand the younger couple stoped talking to us and looked at us like we were freaks or something. which made for a good laugh later in the night. people think its one big orgie out there but its the complete oppisite. most people we seen out there kept to themselves reading a book. i do believe spending that time on the island made my wife and i closer. i am already thinking about going back in 2014 but it probably be to CN and for more than 5 days or i told my wife i wld like to do a split stay between css and cn

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