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    Default July 2013-Post your Dates and Picture

    We will be coming home again July 23rd-30th!!!
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    It is time to move this picture thread to the top. We are Brenda and Bruce from PA. We will be at CN June 28 to July 6. We are down to 95 days. We have been to CSS 3x, CTI 2x and this will be our 4th trip to CN. We can't wait to see all the friends we have made on past trips and are looking forward to making new friends this trip.
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    We are Rick and Jan from Oklahoma. Will be at CN June 29th to July 6th. We are down to 96 days. This will be our 4th trip in a row to CN. We can't wait to see all of the friends we have met on our past trips and looking forward to making new ones. Name:  100_0587.jpg
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    Our countdown clock reads 97 days so it time to start getting excited. We are Chris & Denny from Iowa, this will be our 6th trip to paradise!!!Our trip is 7/1-7/11. Name:  P1010929.1.jpg
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    Hi We are Mariann and Jimmy. We will be at CN June 28 to July 6. Can't wait!Name:  lifeguard stand copy.jpg
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    The Captain and Cheryl Ann June 30-July 11
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    The Captain and cheryl Ann...June 30-July11Name:  july 4.jpg
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    Casey and Gloria
    July 6th - July 13th

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    The Mayor and Cathy. July 3rd - 13th. Will be our 8th trip home to CN. Can't wait to see all the CNNB Coucil and meet new friends.
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    97 more days

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    Wendy and Ross, July 9th to July 16th. Can't wait!!

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    We are Kristen and Matt from Colorado. We will be home to CN for the fourth time July 15-22. Looking forward to meeting some new friends...although I can't find anyone going the same time we are!

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    Nick and Diana from Pennsylvania- we will be at CN from July 2-9 for our honeymoon!! First time at an AI and Couples resorts!!! So excited!! Hope we can meet some of you!!

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    Whats up everyone. Our names are Brian and Heather we will be returning HOME to Couples Negril July 16 -23rd. This will be our 8th trip and cant wait. It has been a long 6 years since we have been home.

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    Hi Bruce and Brenda! I see you are fairly local to where we live! We'll be at CN for our honeymoon July 2-9. We live in Bensalem. Where are you from? can't wait for the RWB party!!

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    Nick and Diana... We live in Harleysville which is about 45 mins north of the Philly airport. We are counting the days and are looking forward to meeting you both.

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    Hey Captain, trying to keep this at the top
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    Hey Captain, trying to keep this at the topName:  P6290122 (640x480).jpg
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    Thanks Rick and Jan....only adds to the anticipation..

    Finally broke 70 degrees in NJ today!!!! Wahooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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    Brenda and Bruce- that is too funny. I work for Harleysville Insurance, but in the NJ claims office. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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    Not sure if I did this whole photo thing right or not - we'll see.
    Shaun and Cindy
    July 4-14
    7th trip to CN
    Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!

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    Name:  randy.jpg
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Size:  224.4 KBRandy And Rene' June 30th thru July 14th. Cant wait to see everyone!!!!!

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    Sorry I don't have a picture. Kenny and Steph July 15th - July 21st. 1st time and it is for our honeymoon. We can't wait to meet new people.

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    Hi Everyone! We are Fabian and Tanya and we will be returning home to CN for the 2nd time June 28-July 5th. We are new parents so if you see us passed out in beach chairs, we aren't drunk (we'll maybe just a little) just really tired and recovering some much needed sleep. Can't wait to meet new friends!!
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    We will be there July 28th - August 4th!!
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    Dianna & Randy, Texas and Eric & Sheila, Louisiana
    Irie ,
    (Ladydia) Dianna

    CTI 2006, CSA 2007, CN 2008, CN 2009, CN 2010 twice
    CN 2012, CSS 2012, CN 2013, CSS 2014, CSA 2015

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