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    Default Catamaran Sunset Cruise Question

    Hi All,
    Does the Catamaran Sunset cruise stop at both resorts or is it one for each ?

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    CN, CSA and CTI all have there own boat.

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    Default From CSS

    I realize that CSS doesn't have the Catamaran option.... is this something you can do a trader day to CTI for to partake? I'd love to do the Catamaran Cruise, but I'm booked into CSS. (Don't even know anything about the trader day - first couples experience this March!!!) Thanks!

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    Csa and cn use the same company I believe and they have more than one cat.They sail 5 times a week I think so there are different crews. We always hope to get musician Rasta Ralphy on our trips but he sometimes sail with cn. Cti has a couples owned boat now. It's all good!

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    No, there is one boat for each resort. At CN and CSA, the boat picks everyone up off the beach, cruises along Long Bay (the southern portion of 7-mile beach), down to the West End Clifs, stops at Pirate's Cave, below Pushcart (where the Sunset Bar Shuttle goes), and anchors. You can jump off and swim through the cave, float in the water around the boat, or just stay on the boat and drink. After the swim stop, it takes you back to the resort and the sunset usually is happening during the return trip.

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    You are only on the catamaran with people from your resort

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    If you are a guest at css, you can't take the cat cruise at cti, sorry

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