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    Hi there! My fiance and I are getting married at Couples Swept Away on May 4, 2013. I was curious if anyone on here had done this same wedding package and if the photo session that comes with it is enough or should I attempt to book a photographer? Please help!!

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    It will be more than enough - the resort photographers are fantastic! We will also be there on May 4 for trip #11 - drinks are on us!
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    We did this wedding package with the photos, and it was ok. We did not feel we got enough photos (it is your wedding day after all), so we did have to purchase extras. I think we actually purchased an additional photo package. We felt extremely rushed with this sunset wedding, I'm not sure if everyone wanted to leave for the night or what. The "reception" was very short and felt like it was only a photo op rather than a celebration and the wedding planner let trying to hurry us to make it to our dinner reservation which we felt they booked too early. We ended up doing an additional photo session on a different day because we didn't like the photos, they do make you do some pretty generic poses, so if you can try and control this. The second shoot we booked was much better although I wasn't in my wedding gown but it did last much longer and we had way more photos to choose from. Purchase more photos that you think you will want because looking back at it now I wish that we had more.

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    Amy, we'd love to meet up with you!! Lindsay and Justin Klinkerfuss!!
    Meeko, I'm still weighing out all of the pros and cons of the resort photo package vs bringing in an outside vendor. Couples is a bit high on the extra photo prices. I have a phone meeting tomorrow with an outside photographer so we'll see what happens. I greatly appreciate your input!! This is my first and hopefully only wedding, so I want it to be perfect

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    Feel free to email me at I can help you out with some additional info!

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