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    Default so, veils, anyone? Or silly to do for a beach wedding?

    Hello - I've not even been dress shopping, since our date is not till next May, but I've always wanted a small veil, like a birdcage or chin-length blusher, and I have very short hair so a hairstyle really isn't an issue (I only have one, really :P). But, on the beach, where I'm sure it's kinda windy, is a veila silly idea? Does anyone have pics of them WITH a veil on the beach?

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    It can be breezy for sure so it might be problematic. Or it might be calm too, no way to predict. Wear what you want. Anything goes really

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    Thanks Sorry for all the inane questions - I'm in a weird place where it's a year away, but I want to do so much and know so much NOW, cuz I'm excited we set a date. I've got no female relatives and don't' want to bombard my friends partly because we're not officially inviting anyone, instead just letting them know where we'll be and when, and giving them our travel agent info so he can try to help them with quotes if they want to come join us. It might be just the two of us, which is fine, or we may have a few couples join us for their second honeymoon and for our small wedding. I'm just asking for notice 45 days before so I can let Tia know

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    No inane questions, that's what this forum is for. There is also a great group on fb . If you're interested, I can add you. Lots of former brides and you can get almost instant answers. Friend me if you like at sara Brainard clemons. Happy planning

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    Sent you a friend request on FB.

    Ok - got another question - about where on the overhead map is the beach wedding "gazebo" archway located? We have asked to be in a beachfront verandah room, and I'd like to go get my makeup done at the spa (I'm guessing that's where they'd do it), and see what they think can be done with my hair, and I'd like to know how far I'm going to have to plan to run to get to the ceremony location. Does someone help 'wrangle" the couple to get them both to the right place? Where do you get dressed, if you didn't want him to see you in your dress before the ceremony? Do you do your hair and make up first? Could I get dressed at the spa? Do they kick the groom out of the room for the bride to be able to get ready? I don't see the beach wedding location marked, just the garden gazebo. Do they only have one on the beach? Is it closer to the swim up bar pool, or the main pool?


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    The beach wedding gazebo is about in the middle of the beach (only one long beach). The wedding coordinator will come get you for your wedding but for me, I was on my own to get to my hair and makeup appt. She will make those appts for you. I didn't care if Jim saw me before our 2 ceremonies so we just dressed in our room. I would imagine you could dress in the spa but it's a long walk to beach. Personally I'd dress in your bfvs and kick hubby out . Discuss that with your coordinator.
    I did my appointments and then went to the room and changed. Coordinator came with our flowers and off we went. I would ask for buildings 41 or 42 for bfvs to be closest to the beach gazebo.

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    Angela, my mistake, buildings 42 and 43 would be closest to the beach wedding gazebo I think

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    It was a little windy. I held my veil sometimes so it would stay put. But I'm glad I got one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin12614 View Post
    It was a little windy. I held my veil sometimes so it would stay put. But I'm glad I got one.

    All of your photos are so pretty!

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