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    Default Valentine's Day at CN

    This is the first time we will be there for Valentine's day. Does anyone know if anything special is planned?

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    We were there last year for Valentine's was awesome. Lots of decorations, a postoffice at Cassava to write "love notes", special treats left in the room. It was the perfect time to bring some small valentine candies and cards (I had forgotten cards, so I spent my early morning making cards) to hand out to the staff......the groundskeepers were especially surprised and happy to receive a few small chocolates I wish we were there this Valentine's Day.....Couples is known year round for romance, on Valentine's Day it seems to be ten-fold.

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    This will be our fifth Valentines Day at CN. There is a large number of repeat guess that make sure they are there on the 14th every year. I think Valentines Day is the largest holiday for Couples for obvious reasons.

    They make the entire day special including decorations, chocolate sunset party, special menu's, etc. I am sure you will have a great time! See you there!

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    Agree... this will be our 5th Valentines as well - awesome place even better on Valentines..... Very special

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    We will be at CSA for Valentines Day! I can't wait!

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