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    mjennifer, so well put..I too have many "battle scars", and in several different places. Last year the hubby and I were at CTI., I wanted to try the Island...him NOT. I'm the one who is not "Barbie" like, but not that horrible either IMO, He on the other hand has nothing to worry about, tall, dark, handsome...just a lil fluffy around the love handles I think I was trying to get some of that self esteem running through my veins as many have mentioned on different posts. I also have a permanent arm disability, maybe this is some concerning to him. I do get the "looks" from people when I'm on the beach or in the water when I don't have my sling on. But, over the years I have learned to live with it as I can't change it. Soooo, how do I try and convince the hubby to just drop his linen and lets just try it out! Looking forward to CN in September...wish me luck please :-) oh, can anyone tell me if this happens...would it be appropriate if I have to put my sling on...Can't go all day with out wearing it, many thanks.

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    The wife and I have read the threads on the AN board off and on over the last few years but never seriously considered going AN. You read how once you actually take the plunge the nerves and anxieties quickly go away. How there are the " nicest" people on the AN beaches etc. Right now I am sitting on our balcony in Mexico at our first C/O resort where we've been for the last five days waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the airport. I can say EVERYONE is absolutly right about what I had read here. They ARE the nicest people and it REALLY does "level the playing field". If you are considering it and feeling all the anxieties that everyone goes through their first time , know that it is completely normal and I CAN'T stress this enough , TRUST what you read on here from the veterans. No mater WHAT your issues may be , no one cares. It's more about who you are as a person that what scar you have where or how old you are or how many extra pounds you have. It really is no big deal and you adapt very quickly. Go at your own pace. Find a corner and stay to yourselves for awhile if that is what you need but before long you will find yourself at the bar or pool socializing with others and saying to yourself "what the heck was I so worked up about ? ". We will now be at SSB August 5-10 with all the rest you during that week having a GREAT time. We never thought we would ever try something like this and are so happy we did. It's a shame we've been missing out for so long. We finally came to a point in our lives that we don't want to end up regretting not trying something earlier when we are in our later years. Like others have said before me , if your thinking about , try it. If you don't like it , no harm done and you can pick up and leave. Thanks to all who post here and have helped us and all the newbies see the light. See you in August. Irie.

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    Thanks for the post! We have been considering Mexico for a change of pace. Where did you stay? Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamaica me crazy View Post
    Thanks for the post! We have been considering Mexico for a change of pace. Where did you stay? Thanks!!
    I know the people that run the board don't really like you to name other resorts so i can't be specific. You will have to do some research. Check into Adults Only C/O resorts in Mexico. This place was about 20 minutes south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya about twenty minute walk north of Peurto Morelos. There are two resorts a few miles apart that have the same first name and start with a "D". The second name starts with "P" where we stayed. They are simlar to the "H" place in Negril but cleaner and classier from what everyone told us. (We have never been to "H".) It is for couples only. No single guys running around. We are NOT into the "H" lifestyle and there were lots of people there just like us with the same views. It caters to BOTH. Respect, live and let live was the attitude. The people that WERE there for that kind of thing were still VERY nice to talk to and we were never made to feel uncomfortable in any way. You can easily avoid their activities if you want to and there was absolutly NO pressure. We hung out on the beach relaxing most of the time. We had an occasional drink in hand and there was always a nice cool breeze blowing in of the water. The service and staff were on par with Couples. Extremely nice and helpful. The food was good but Couples has them beat in our opinion. We have always enjoyed coming home to Couples and now we feel we can enjoy even more of the property that we were avoiding because it was "only" AN. There are other resorts that are adult only C/O in Mex. that strickly forbid the PDA thing like Couples does if your not comfortable in that environment. Like I said it's not our thing either but we like small villa style resorts and this place fit our needs for this trip. Clothing OPTIONAL was also a plus since we weren't sure we could take the plunge. We saw people in all states of dress and no one cared. No one was hassled. Hope this helps and good luck researching.

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    Hi in march 2012 we had our 1st trip to couples. Swept away and did a day trip to cn to try an side went and we both loved it decicded to go to CSS in march 2013 and had the most amazing time that we were going to make this. A yearly trip. So in July 2013 we started planning trip to CSS. In march 2014. But a few weeks later my wife was diagnosis with stage 3 breast cancer. And our world. Was turned. Upside after masectomys chemo radiation and hysterectomie she is cancer free. But because.she is thin we don't have many reconstruction. Options. I told her I was fine with the way she is.she would love to go back to CSS but is scared to with her scars. Would love love to here feed back from. people.that havethat

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